Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chinese Forget-me-Not


I had Chinese Forget-me-Not years ago - Cynoglossum amabile. The blue is so intense it cannot be caught on camera. And then I lost it, in the weeds. Usually it is as hardy as it comes, but I lost it. I think I have seen it in pink and white too, but the blue is the common one, and would have to be my preferred one.

Then I found it growing out the front of one of the quirkier nurseries in a nearby town, but they didn't have it in stock. So out they went, and dug some up for me, and it transplanted well. And they didn't even charge.

Like other Forget-me-Nots, it has a really sticky seed - and I will be sticking these in everywhere, now that I have them again.


Blogger Unknown said...

I like these, the blue is intense! If they seed, will you share these too? Or, you might be able to recommend to me where I can obtain these - I'm from Melbourne...

8:54 PM  

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