Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Flowers

I have been wandering around shops full of Poinsettias, where I am supposed to be convinced that they are the flowers of Christmas. Which got me thinking - what are the real flowers of Christmas in the southern hemisphere? Looking around my garden, there are four that are always there for me, but this year they are going a little slower due to the cool weather and the rain.


Lavender - I always have a drift along the front of the house, and some in the Kitchen Garden to attract bees.


Gladioli - I always have a sheaf inside for Christmas - I will probably just manage these two lemon ones peeping out, if I am lucky. Although I notice some out in full in nearby towns.


Agapanthus - they are out everywhere now. I don't grow the common one, but have a very dark one that is a stunning blue, although not as prolific. It will just make it out in time.


And Hydrangeas - when there is enough water (there has been plenty this year, but not enough time to re-pot the ones in pots), they are always at their peak.

There are, of course, lots of beautiful Australian natives that make wonderful Christmas flowers too - but these are the one I grew up with.


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