Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Garden Sheds


My garden shed is one of my greatest loves and luxuries. When I started this garden, I was working out of a corrugated iron tank on its side. You put a few boards on the "floor" and fit some across the end, and you have a shed. One of Australia's disappearing icons, the tank on its side.

Wish I had taken its photograph.

So, while I am out documenting the garden in December, I took a shot of the shed, just as it is. And because I love peering into other people's garden shed.

There are a few Flickr groups - A Gallery of Great Garden Sheds, Just Sheds (lots there) and, wait for it, Sheds!

Think I will go back there and play for a while. And dream.

Anyone else like to share theirs?

(And yes, that is the town Rabbit Suppression League poison cart lurking in the back of the shed. You just can't see it)


Blogger Gecko said...

Unfortunatly I don't have a garden shed. Well, I do. But it's not assembled yet and I think someone else is going to claim it as a feed storing shed.

Reading this post reminded me, just outside of my 'local' town, someone has used a half-tank on it's side as shelter for their cattle! I must take a photo of them one day.

(I love your blog by the way!)

1:45 PM  

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