Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Everyone.

It is Christmas morning here, and in a quiet time, before anyone else is up, I have been out on the net looking at shed and garden photographs.

So, just to share a little beauty - have a look at THIS (I am off to the Op Shop, as soon as it re-opens, to see what I can find that will do something similar).

And, if you have the time, work through the photographs of the Liverpool Allotments. Especially if you are into sheds. I guess I am lucky, having my own "dirt" on which to garden. But I guess I would be lucky, too, if I was on an allotment and sharing with like-minded people.

And I used the word "dirt" in "talkies", as another thing my father would say was "Dirt gets on your face. You are working in SOIL"

May your Christmas be Joyous, Peaceful and Meaningful. Lots of fun. And full of food you have grown yourself. And maybe Santa brought you some new tools? He bought me some nice new pots yesterday. Thanks Santa!


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