Sunday, December 07, 2008

Plaiting Garlic

I have something to confess. You, Dear reader, probably think I am writing this blog just so you can read it. Wrong! Well, partially wrong.

Just sometimes, I write this so that when I go looking for something, I can find it again.

And, in this case, it applies to plaiting garlic.


All of the garlic has been lifted, and we only got two plaits - it wasn't in early enough this year.

Memo to Me: Start with three garlic, tie together if necessary. Add one garlic as each outside plait comes in. Make sure you twist that plait so the new garlic is in the inside.

Simple. But I only worked the last bit out halfway through. And didn't have time to go back to replait.

I have just been out for a lovely afternoon visit.

Guess what my hostess received???


But she understands me.

I hope.



Blogger Dorian said...

I've just found your blog trying to find tips on plaiting my own garlic - yours looks great

9:15 AM  

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