Friday, November 04, 2005



I spy another Australian gardener blogging.

Pop over and say Hello to Stuart - this is the first bloke I have found in a garden. There must be heaps more out there.

His current question - what are the ten tools you could not live without (in your garden???).

Okay - in order:

1. Secateurs (my good Felcos. Second pair. I composted the first)

2. Garden fork (a good, forged not cast steel one, with sharp points)

3. Is a barrow a tool??? (I have three)

4. Spade

5. Three prong scarifier

6. Hoe

7. Prunning saw

8. Adze (yep, I do actually have one, I use it more like a mallet)

9. The long handled shovel (DH gave it to me one Christmas, gift-wrapped, and said "Guess What"? He is a gardener too.)

10. The pick (also given at the same time, gift-wrapped)


Blogger Stuart said...

Thanks Chloe for the link. Yes, I'm feeling a little lonely as I notice all these women gardeners blogging but haven't come across another bloke yet.
I'm tempted to set up a survey for the 10 most important gardening tools as many people, even friends who didn't leave a comment, have been discussing the topic.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Barbee' said...

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