Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today's results

Today we have:

Filled a planter bag and planted two Zucchini (Black Jack), and potted the other two in case we lose one/two. Planter bag just filled with any rubbish in the bottom, then a lot of compost from the adjacent worm bin, with spent potting mix on top. Mulched with sugarcane mulch. When the Zukes are finished, we will just use the whole bag as compost.

The Zucchini are on the left, in the bag, and there are pumpkins in the bin on the right, planted straight into the bin

Started another bag, similar, for Broad Beans. These are Aquadulce, which are plant late Summer through Winter to Spring. Pinch tops out when flowers first appear (thanks Eden Seeds). The other ones were Early Long Pod, where were sow Autumn to late Winter.

Pruned the Grevillea "Moonlight" - which is on the way out, as it has developed a lean over the path in the last wind. Pruned the Grevillea petraphylloides - cut back hard so we can walk along paths, and maybe so it will throw the long flower canes again. Which the New Holland Holland Honeyeaters love. But might be too late for this year.

 Grevillea "Moonlight", before pruning and all over the paths.

After pruning, but looking from the other way - just a little mop-top now, 
to the right of the Waratah.

And then we weeded, and weeded, and weeded.

Might go and do some more weeding tomorrow.


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