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May in the Veggie Garden


It is that time of month again, when gardeners across the country, and across the world, report on their activities, as part of the Garden Share Collective. This is kindly hosted by Liz at Strayed from the Table.

You can see last month's report HERE. There is now a Facebook page as well.

This month has been fairly hectic - but autumn is well and truly here - first frost was on 25 April.

This is most of the veggie garden (well, the beds) from my usual point - I always take a photo from the back doorstep, so I can build up comparisons. But this will be the last one from this view.

There is a reason for the "blobs" - I have had to seriously rationalise pots, so these ones are drying for me to process the soil to elsewhere, and dry off things like mint to thoroughly kill them before composting.

The extra-large pots and compost bins along the fence are mostly empty, but those pillars of pots down towards the back are full, waiting for the soil to be processed. Some goes into compost bins, some into beds and some is kept to mix with manure for next year's pots. More black plastic is due to go down to really deal with weeds along there.

The only plantings are in bed one, which is the largest bed, which has been filled up for winter. And covered to stop birds - mainly Starlings, Sparrows and Minahs.

This is the other end of the bed, with seedling pots even under the net. List of plantings below

 And here is why things are a bit chaotic, and I am rationalising pots. The contract is signed for the extension, and everything has had to move. You can see what this was like 5th picture down, last month. To say the least, it was "busy". Next thing is going to a gravel path in the veggie beds with the spare gravel. The extension will grow lovely Hoyas. And I get a real garden shed. Seriously hanging out for that shed! From my first ever one of a corrugated iron tank on its side, I have always had a shed of my own.

So the greenhouse and shadehouse have gone down the back - and may yet stay there.

All the rest of the ornamental pots and herbs that were on the tarmac have been put on the path on black plastic. By the time I lift them, that will have fixed the weeds on the path for the next six months. Nice, organic method.

And all the pots with something left in them have been temporarily dumped on Bed 3. They are mainly Chillies and Peppers, so some are going under big bushes down the back to see if I can overwinter them through the frosts. Maybe tomorrow, before the frosts get really serious.

So, here goes with the formal bit:

Perpetual spinach (seeds, haven't tried it before)
Spring Onion seeds (something odd goes here - what is coming up has two cotyledons - I think I see some volunteer ornamentals making a run for it)
Pak Choi seeds
Garlic cloves
Leek seedlings
Tree onion bulbs
Yates Majestic Red Carrots
Yates All Seasons Carrots
Punnet of Lolla Rossa lettuce
Punnet of mixed Asian Greens.

And that is quite enough!

Last of the climbing beans
One last Cucumber from late planting in pots.

Finish clearing for the extension - gravel and potting table to move tomorrow.

Get the extension in, hopefully early enough to start tomato seedlings. Don't think it will be finished for next month's report - as long as it is started.

Process soil, get compost bin ready for pumpkins.

Get Bed 2 empty (not a lot of hope), and dig in a heap on manure

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That's a fair list, when you think about it.


Blogger africanaussie said...

Oh my you have been busy, and it looks like hard work - do you have a hand truck to move those large pots? I got a few of those strawberry pots and have planted herbs in them - yours looks awesome - I struggle with Rosemary it hates the tropical weathr.
I am looking forward to seeing your exciting extension....

7:52 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Your extension sounds great and a shed will be fantastic. You have a busy month ahead!

11:23 AM  
Blogger akailyardinadelaide said...

Good luck with the extension! Loved perusing your blog :)

8:46 PM  

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