Monday, September 12, 2005

White Daffodils

A few of you have commented on my white daffodils. I do actually have two different all-white daffodils. They both come out with a very light yellow trumpet that quickly goes very white (if there is such a thing as "very white") in one, and remains very faintly yellow in the other.


The King Alfred-type is at either side of this four, and the other in the middle.

The pure white one is to all intents and purposes a white King Alfred on a shorter stem, the other a slightly smaller, lighter-weight flower.

I got them both years ago from a specialist grower at a field day - he wasn't advertising them, but I had been asking around everywhere for them for years, and he actually had some with him.

How did I know they existed????

Make a coffee and pull up a chair.

Years ago, in the late 1950s, we lived in a quite remote bush area. There were basically only two women there, my mother and an older lady, who lived seven miles further into the bush. Plastic flowers had just come on the market, and my mother had a bunch of white plastic daffodils. The lady for "further out" appeared to visit, and as Mum could see her slowly coming in the very long driveway, she grabbed the bunch of daffodils and rushed out the front door and quickly pushed the white plastic daffodils into the garden.

This lady looked at them carefully as she went inside, but didn't say a thing - she knew there was something going on, but she had not at that point heard of plastic flowers.

I always remembered that, and wanted white daffodils.

I finally got them, just on fifty years later.


Blogger Alice said...

That's amazing. What does your mother think of your white daffodils now? No doubt your desire for such a flower led you to search for them and discover that someone had actually bred one (or two).

I remember those early plastic flowers - we had roses and geraniums in a beach house. In 1964 I worked in Coles in Bourke Street, and sold red plastic roses on my counter. Yuk.

2:22 PM  

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