Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Really Good Day

Today has been a really good day.

 This iris, above, which is one of my favourites, has finally flowered. The photograph does not do justice to the intensity of its colour.


This flower has materialised in the veggie garden. Sometimes a girl needs a little bit of bling. Although I am not sure it is in the correct position yet.

This pot, which I had seen at half price in a local nursery, also appeared. I love it - largest strawberry pot I have seen, and I really like the "pre-aged look". Now I have to clean it inside and seal it.

The purple Californian Poppy has flowered - not really what I would call purple, more a dusky pink, but still beautiful. These are really easy to save seeds from, so I really hope it come true to colour. This plant was a $2 bargain from BAAG.

It is hard to pick a favourite for today, but this is up there with everything else. The chillies have come up! I think I grew these about ten years ago, and decided it was time to throw out this very dusty group of them I still had hanging around. So I grabbed some seeds out of one, threw them in a pot. And waited. And waited. And waited.

I was about to throw them out - it has been more than a month. Then, all of a sudden, this morning they seem to have all come up together. They won't fruit in time to make a Christmas wreath, but they are back in the garden.

Does anyone from the Garden Share Collective want some seeds? Happy to post them, as long as you are sure I can post them to you from Victoria.

And I am off to write up the post for the Veggie garden at the start of December. It always takes a few days.


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