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Garden Share Collective report for December

It is that time of month again, when gardeners across the country, and across the world, report on their activities, as part of the Garden Share Collective. This is kindly hosted by Liz at Strayed from the Table.

So here is the post for the start of December in my Gippsland (Victoria) suburban garden. You can see my post from last month HERE

There is a sort of mini-post HERE about a new herb pot (I think it will be the thyme collection), the chillies and bling in the garden.

The month has been a little more dry, but we are still looking for a bit of warmth to get things going. The month has ended again with rain.

This is a sort of in-between time - not much is actually coming out of the garden, only Tree Onions as shallots, and lots of Lettuce 

Not quite ready
Garlic - no results yet for the plant-off to decide the best time to plant.

Cukes (there are flowers)
Zukes (here also be flowers)
Onions (four sorts)
First lemons and limes (very excited)
Beans (climbers are slower than butter beans)

Tommies - bit worried they are flowering a bit early and low down, so won't get the large bushes with the big crops. Ditto the cappies.

Watching out for swooping Wattle Birds. They are a bit less aggressive now that junior is out of his nest in the tree on the nature strip.  


Above: The extension to the garden in the worm bins. From left: Broad Beans, Zucchinis and Butternut Pumpkins.

Nasturtiums here and there. I think they have doubled in size over the last 24 hours in one bed, but not the other. I like them for colour, and an occasional nibble in salads.
Onions, next lot of tommies (Mighty Red and a single San Mrizo [sp?]), a single Orange Bell Capsicum and a single Caysun Pepper 
  Above: Tommies going up the fence, with cukes beside them.

In the seed trays
Chillies up, cappies not yet

Parsnips. Tried germinating these on wet paper toweling, then transferred them to small deep planters. Don't think they will be deep enough - I usually don't plant any root veggies like parsnips, beetroot and carrots anywhere other than where they are going to grow. About to try parsnips in toilet roll inners. And maybe a small line where I direct seed but fill the trench with potting mix to try to deal with weed seedlings.

Trying to decide
What follows the garlic
What to put in five large pots (Late edit: Seven large pots)
What punnet of lettuce goes in next.

Leeks have bolted and been pulled
Direct-sewn parsnips failed to come up - probably too cold.
Mixed Basil failed to thrive - too cold.

Meanwhile, the Bird Wars continue. The cage above is the latest version, with two different ends to trial. It was put up to allow the tomatoes and some onions to get a start, but has to come off now so I can prune the tomatoes.

The cloche below is our latest idea. Some time ago a neighbour left a guinea pig cage of the nature strip for all-comers, so we grabbed it. We have now cut up the concrete reinforcing, and made two strips hinged with wire loops - four of them. We use a little bit of wire netting to cover the ends, and they are the best and quickest to put up yet.

Plans for the month 
Watch, Water and Weed. And prune tommies and empty all containers of water regularly as the mozzies have started breeding.

Looking for seeds
Majestic Red carrots. There I was, waiting at the doctor's, and found a 2012 copy of Gardening Australia, where there was a carrot plant-off. My Chantenay red-cored came in about second, but it was the Yates Majestic Red that won. So I thought I would try them. Cannot find them anywhere, and online all Yates do is refer you to where their seeds are stocked (and half the time they are not). Tried a "real" nursery - they can't help, as Yates just arrive and stock them with whatever they want to.

So if anyone sees Yates Majestic Red carrots around, I would really like to know. (Late note - I found them at Garden World!)

Seeds available
Parsnip Hollow Crown, best before December 2014 (Commercial source)
Detroit Beetroot, best before October 2014 (Commercial source)
Chillies - 10 years old, but they do germinate! Possibly Birdseye.

Happy to post from Victoria to other members of the Collective, if you think they are clear of legal issues for your state.

And, as always, Milly sends her regards.


Blogger Jac Calvert said...

Hi Linda,
Strawberries for the pots? Or basil?
Your tomatoes are huge already! Those half wine barrels look lovely too. I have an empty one but I want to put it where I currently have a quince tree planted... so waiting til I can move the quince before I fill it. Life is so complicated sometimes.
I would give the leeks another try for summer. I'm no expert but I grew them last summer and they were lovely.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The wine barrels look fabulous, I love those. Your garden is looking great and there is lots going on. Have a wonderful month and great Christmas.

9:52 AM  
Blogger lizzie {Strayed Table} said...

If you are worried about your tomatoes flowering too early pick the flowers off. I did this last year and after a couple of week the bushes took off again and then started to flower again. Your garden is looking really great.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It's looking great! Good to see you are waging war successfully on the birds.

2:02 PM  

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