Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Setting up the Work Area

How much difference a day makes. The potting bench has been moved to over to the new working area (despite  Beloved muttering about fruit trees going there). It is under the blue watering can. I have soil bins to the right (on a bench, so not so much bending), and a water tub on the ground to the right. It needs to move a little to the right, as I cannot easily access soil. But only after a fair bit of water comes out of it. All water contains very dilute worm wee.

To the left are various lots of poor soil (to go through the worm bins in small quantities), horse manure (ditto), two compost bins and reserves of good soil for next year's pots. The third, and largest compost bin has gone into storage - we are not producing as much in the way of kitchen scraps.

Black plastic has been laid right along to suppress weeds.

Next to move is these pots, and the trough. Love the trough, which we picked up recently from a nature strip. I put the pots in there to water, wash root veggies etc, and pick the water up again to use out the bottom. Trouble was, I may not have left enough room to get it in over by the potting bench where, even though there is no water supply, I will still be able to use it. Back to the drawing board.

The butterfly is one of the sort made by my Beloved's mother - his father cut them out, and she painted them. We still have two - there is a blue one over in the potting area.

 And the tarmac is looking very empty - not much more to go.


Blogger crazyQstitcher said...

I like to see you being busy in the garden and hope to see the summer results.
I see a dragon guarding the area.

ps, I still await my dragon block from DD. They are renovating so it may yet arrive here. LOL Neither of us can remember what was on it.
Hope you're well. M

11:13 AM  

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