Thursday, December 29, 2005

Getting New Bed

Well, it is almost like getting a new bed. Can you see the Lime Tree at back right in this pic???

Kitchen Garden

Well, for a lot of reasons, that Lime Tree had to go. And moving it was not an option.

So, this is what that bed looks like now:

Bed 6

That bed is mostly clay, spread out on top of the soil years ago from the footings when an extension went in. I have worked on it on and off over the years, but the time has come now to get serious.


I don't think I will get a crop in there this season - I have to get the Oxalis out first, amongst other things.

But the Lime Tree isn't shading the other beds now, and I can get a clear run at it. It never successfully fruited - had hundreds of tiny limes that always just dropped off.

Out with the compost!

And my first Tiger Lily came out today. But gosh, the garden is dry.


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