Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Since some of those overseas who happen upon this blog may not be familiar with Treeferns, I thought I would post a couple of pictures. So, here are mine. This is the one I moved the other day, in its new position:

Short treefern

All I have done is cut it off at ground level, and prune the fronds off at the top, and bury the new base in the ground.

And this is the tallest one - which is about eight foot high - grown from a spore by my Mother, and moved from next door.

Tall treefern

They grow wild in the bush, but are very strictly controlled - you cannot sell them without a permit, and you should never buy one unless an official ticket is attached saying it has been harvested under licence. The fern gullies they grow in are beautiful. HERE is one scene.


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Yoohoo, Chloooee. Where are you? We're missing you.

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