Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bulb Distribution starting

Bulb lifting and sorting has started, so the barrow is about to go out on the nature strip – any locals wanting them, please feel free to take them away. There is a bottle there where you can throw in a few coins for the Community House if you wish. Only the whiteish Sparaxias going out at the minute, but not long to some other stuff.

Non Locals??? If anyone wants some, which will be a shandy of whatever is coming out, I am happy to send them to anyone who wants. You just need to mail me prepaid 500gm or 3kg plastic mailing envelope, and I will fill it up and send it back. It will be mainly sparaxias, tritonia, ixias (lots of them) and daffodils – but I am not prepared to take the responsibility if something else gets in there as well. I think the snowdrops might be about to get thinned as well.

This applies to Australia only, unfortunately – and please check if I am allowed to mail plants to your state from Victoria. And if you don’t know where to send an envelope to – e-mail me at kapana[at] and I will let you know.


Blogger Alice said...

Chloe, you don't by any chance have any blue ixias, do you? I would love to get some of those but I think they are fairly hard to get.

1:09 PM  

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