Friday, February 17, 2006

Mud Wasps Again

The Mud Wasps are at it again. Doing strange things.

This is what is in the car port:


I am not sure that I have ever seen one like this before, looking all like a Mud Triffid. (Yes, the plant Triffid is out at the minute, so it must be the season).

Here is last year's nest, so it looks like each spider (I think it is), with wasp eggs laid in it, goes in a particular chamber.


So maybe, just maybe I have caught this before the final layer of mud goes on, and all those little tubes are incorporated into the big nest.

Seeing what they did last year, I will be waiting in anticipation

And trying to catch up on my garden posts - not a lot of time lately, for gardening or posting, but have a few things saved up to talk about.

But gotta go and finish batch two of sauce first.