Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kitsch in the Garden

Green Man

Sometimes a girl just gotta do what a girl gotta do.

I went to the Lions Garage Sale a week or so ago, and just had to take this home for fifty cents. I don't have a lot of ornaments in the garden - three dragons and one gargoyle, all carefully hidden.

This one is a light plastic biscuit barrel, and I reckon if I fill it with stones and carefully secrete it somewhere in the garden it will last for a couple of years before it disintegrates.

And will be little bit of fun for just about the right amount of time.

What do others reckon???? Bearing in mind that my garden is definitely a Gnome-free zone. I infinitely prefer quirky ornaments rather than mass-produced ones.

(And all Fairy Fishing rods gone - and there were lots - some went to work with me Tuesday, and the rest went to a trading table for Save the Children. Now, what will I dig out this week - it makes a change from cucumbers to give away).

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fairy Fishing Rods

Maureen was asking for more details - It is Dierama pulcherrimum - one of the Iridaceae. There is a picture in the link. It has bulbs a little like Gladioli, and they stack up, one on top of another. My beloved, who dug them out for me, reckons they had been there ten years, by his count of the bulbs - I think it was more like fifteen!

And, on a sadder note - my beloved was helping me today by doing some whipper-snipping. And Mary Queen of Scots has just been beheaded for the second time. Think I will have to put some worthwhile markers up. :(

Saturday, March 18, 2006

More in the Barrow

I've just been putting more out in the barrow. There is a magnificent white iris, and a semi-dwarf mauve one. Both are beautiful.

Tomorrow, with any luck, there is going to be a real lot of pink Fairy Fishing Rod going out. I need to move it out of the shade and divide it up.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Catapillars are Pupae

Well, that was quick!

Thursday I was sure there was nothing there.

Friday there were catapillars.

Yesterday they had almost all disappeared. I was hoping the birds hadn't got them.

Then I found this one:


It had attached itself to the outside power point I use for the mulcher, and could not be gently removed. The tail was attached, and it hung thee all day in this position. I was watching it, and wanted to see exactly how it pupated. Late last night it was still like that.

And this morning it was like this:


I have found two more hidden in a nearby Rosemary bush.

I just hope I am around when they come out, but I don't like my chances. These ones are sneaky.

And I had to use that power point yesterday. I hope it doesn't produce some sort of "Super Monarch

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wanderer / Monarch Butterflies

Here is a website for the Butterfly.

It gives it as uncommon for Victoria - I have never had a problem attracting them when I have the right plant growing - the Swan Plant. But not a lot of people grow them now.

So I have seeds at the minute, for anyone wanting them.

The Barrow is out

Quick Notice for Locals and Alice


The barrow is out on the nature strip, with excess bulbs, irises, speciality onions etc. Locals - please feel free to come and get bits. There is a jar in there for donations for the Community House, but don't feel you have to. More going out tomorrow (Sunday).

And Alice - can you drop me an e-mail with your snail-mail address???? Please. Catherine S and Maxine - parcels in the mail to you on Tuesday.

Friday, March 10, 2006



The Wanderers (Monarch Butterflies) didn't come at all last year, and I was beginning to despair of them at for this year. But I walked past this morning, and there they were.

There isn't a lot of my Swan Plant left, but who cares.

Hang in there - the chrysalis comes next.