Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We have been spending more time in Melbourne than we would like, but one of the advantages is that we have checked out a few nurseries.

My beloved is flat on with his native garden, so we have been out at Kuranga a lot.

Today we zipped out to The Greenery at Heidelberg, which gets good reviews as one of the big ones, but left me a bit cold. Although we did get a Grevillea there we have been looking for.

Then, we made the most wonderful discovery. Almost opposite was Bulleen Art & Garden (BAAG). It is heaven - really good range of herb and eadibles, and lots of lovely and unique garden art. I could have spent hours there. It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

And the website is really good, with heaps of practical advice for the eadibles. Check it out. All that is missing is a coffee shop.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Free mulch


It is so long since I have been here. Life has been busier than I would like.

But I am back.

With a whole lot of free mulch that someone in town kindly delivered to my nature strip. Mixed with horse manure.

I will let it stand for a month before I use it.

Then I have to decide if it is mulch, or if I will mow it to a smaller size and dig it into the veggie garden.

Should I mow it now? In case there are worms in there when I want to mow it? I couldn't bear that.


It has been a good year for pumpkins - I ended up with 28.