Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Winter Rose


We were nursery hopping yesterday, and I finally succumbed and bought myself a new Hellebore. I had to - it was in a purple pot! (Glad I don't use that rule all the time, as I would have bought some truly awful plants).

This one is Mrs Betty Ranicar - a double white.


I am just waiting for my others to come into flower, that I bought in April from Post Office Farm Nursery. And I bought a couple of others yesterday at Big W - a white and a white with a pink flush, which I don't think will flower this year.

If I get them all in the same bed, they are well-known for being promiscuous and hybridising happily. Could be fun.

As for the rest of my garden - it is very weedy, as I have been missing in action on other projects. But I do have two beds almost ready for the tommies - except we are still getting frosts, so not yet. And one of the beds needs a lot of gypsum still.

But all my daffodils are out, and are rather beautiful. Once again I need to list what is where, so I can get rid of a few more of the fairly ordinary ones.

But it is definitely the time of the year when getting out into the garden is wonderful fun.